• Thales-eSecurity various HMG HG products telephonic, Link and IP a
  • Mass Consultants HMG High Grade Avionic Radio Command and Distribution System Security Analysis and bid work for a HG Anti terrorism system
  • Cogent DSN High Grade Skynet5 Ground Segment Crypto
  • EADs Astrium Skynet5 Satellite High Grade Space Crypto Unit
  • Baltimore Tech (now AEP Systems) ED20M Enhanced grade IP PKI Encryptor IPSEC and HG Enhanced

FIPS140-2 level 4

Baltimore Tech (now AEP Systems) Surware Keyper PKI Encryptor, evaluated through DOMUS (Canada)

FIPS140-3 Level 3

Thales-eSecurity, evaluation document set for Datacryptor 100M ethernet and delta evaluations for other Datacryptor varaiants

FIPS140-2 level 2

Baltimore PCI cryptographic processor for financial applications

Common Criteria

Work for Astrium on Generic Crypto defining Protection Profiles and document set proformas.

Assistance on Bid work for Galileo project.


Baltimore Sureware Keyper product using IBM as CLEF.

In addition participation in design of key management and utilisation schemes, key generation and deployment. COMSEC system studies and tradeoffs including Symmetric/Asymmetric cryptography and implementation.

CE Marking and FCC15 (Class A & B), global approvals

RFI susceptability, radiated emissions, power line emissions, susseptability, pulse, insulation & flamability

Environmental design, testing and approvals

Commercial; approvals - CE marking, global safety, EMC (FCC 15 Class B), EMC immunity
Industrial & Mil (Plessey - devices, Radstone - computer products and systems)
Space - Radiation, Vacuum, EM Pulse, Reliability & life, FEMCA, vibration & shock
BABT approvals - BR-ISDN card, Analogue line card - Aculab
Experience of design and testing for TEMPEST - Thales, Astrium, Cogent, Baltimore, Radstone
Mechanical/Equipment Design - Desk top enclosures, displays, keypads - Baltimore
External Telecoms enclosures - BCN/Thales
Tamper proof design, membranes, potting - Baltimore
RF enclosures and shielding - Plessey, Matra, BCN
ATR boxes - Radstone
19" based test equipment racks - Plessey, Radstone, BAe, Baltimore