Electronics Design Expertise

The following list itemise the technologies and devices that have been used in various product designs. Click heading to move to paragraph.

ASIC Design,
FPGA Design,
Embedded Processors,
Digital Signal Processors,
Buses & Interfaces,
Digital Logic,
Discrete Analogue,
Low Frequency Analogue,
RF & Microwave,
Low Power Analogue,
OEM Modules,
Mechanical Design


Tamper detection mechanisms - temperature, rails, probing, erasure, physical attack.
Meeting FIPS, CC & CESG requirements. Commercial, HMG Enhanced and High Grade rypto products (7 designs).
Zergo, Baltimore (AEP), Astrium, Cogent-DSN (EADs), Thales eSecurity.


ASIC - Mentor DA, vendor selection Honeywell, Temic, VHDL design of DSP functions and serial interfaces. Personal design-ins, plus responsible for an ASIC design group for a period at Matra.

FPGA - ALTERA (3K,7K,10K, 100K) using MAXPLUS (AHDL) and Mentor (VHDL), Xilinx using Mentor and Synplicity (approx 30 personal designs-ins control, state machines, arithmetic functions).

Processors - personal design-ins 68030, 68000, PII, 860T, SPARC, 486, 386, 286, 8086, 8051, 1802, 8051, COP8, PIC16F877 (est 15 embedded designs)

DSPs -56001, AT&T 32C, AD Sharc, DSP functions in ASICs

Buses/Interfaces - Multibus, ISA, PCI, SPI, I2C, 1553, IOM-2, PCM, ISDN- BR & PR, GPIB

Logic - S, LS, HC, HCT, FCT, LVDS, PECL, CMOS bus switches PCM devices, HDLC devices, encryption ASICs

Design Tools - Valid Scald (unix), Mentor SDA, Modelsim, MAXPLUS, ORCAD, CADSTAR, PADS, JTAG, Labview

OEM modules - DSP Ltd, GX1 Goode running Linux.
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Discrete Transistors, FETs etc for LF and ns pulse and RF applications.

Low freq very low noise (interfacing to Plessey pyro and microwave devices), instrumentation amp, servo systems, PSU (linear and switched mode), A/Ds and D/As. Low power and power control for battery supplied circuits..

RF IF-amp 100MHz, 60MHz, 10MHz, EMC principles. RF and microwave design course (oxford University). Microwave 2.7 to 27GHz (Plessey Microwave) pulse circuits and test systems for Gunn and mixer devices. WAN and proprietary packet radio, transmeters (BCN data system remote radio meter readings). Low power and Battery management.

RF Tools - PSPICE, HP RF design package
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Design Constraints


Radiation, Thermal paths, Vacuum, EM Pulse, EMC, TEMPEST, Reliability & life, FEMCA, vibration, acoustic Noise, outgassing & shock, single point failures, failure modes, fail safe, zero maintenance, redundant system design, limited qualified component availability

BAe, MMS & Astrium


EMC, Temperature range, Cold starting, Thermal design, Reliability, Component obsolescence, mil component selection

RAe Bedford, Plessey O&M & Radstone Technology


Design to cost - component selection, multisourcing, negotiations low cost volume assembly and test methods. Safety, flammability & EMC to meet CE marking requirements
Designing for service interval- battery replacement

Aculab, Baltimore, Radstone, BCN Data Systems

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