Satellite High Grade Command & data Crypto unit for Skynet 5 - EADs Astrium
Satellite High Grade crypto units - Cogent DSN
Electricity meter battery powered radio transmitter/receiver - volumes of 100,000 - BCN Data
Remote Radio domestic utility meter reading data collation unit. Ten year life outside use, volumes of 10000 - BCN Data
Desktop and PC based PCI IP Encryptor equipment - mid volumes (2000 PA) Zergo/Baltimore
Technology demonstrator and production design of a Satellite Narrow band broadcasting digital signal processor - Matra/Marconi Space
Commodity telecomms (E1, T1 ISDN) and DSP speech processing cards and systems - mid volumes (2000 PA) - Aculab
Light satellite study - attitude and Orbital Control System and Data Handling - BAe
Satellite on board data handing subsystems - BAe
General purpose rugged computer cards and systems - Defence, Avionic (1000 to 5000 PA) - Radstone/Plessey Microsystems
Microwave, opto and Pyro components and subassemblies - medium volumes (50,000 pA) - Plessey O&M
Radar, instrumentation, telemetry, data recording, aircraft servicing - RAE Flight simulator upgrade, instrumentation - RAE