Personal Details

The following details and interests relate to Graeme Bird, Director

Age 53, British born & bred (Bedfordshire), Milton Keynes resident for 19 years
Married with a daughter(18) and son (15)
SC cleared


Aviation, Sailing, kayaking, Photography, Building Design, Emerging church expressions

Personal & Practical Skills

A wide range of skills and interests common to many practical people including:
  • Mechanical drawing, plans, design & freehand sketching
  • Working in wood, metal, fabrication etc
  • Boat, aircraft & car maintenance & renovation
  • Domestic DIY skills
  • A long term interest in building design & planning
Sports - aviation, flat water/sea kayaking, dingy sailing, walking, ice skating and swimming
Music - play piano and guitar
Licenses - Car, Motor Cycle and Private Pilots License -owner of a 2 seat light aircraft occasionally used for business.

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