Related Design Activities

In the course of product development and understanding of related technology areas has been gained.
  • Plastic mouldings (SLAs and production) - Baltimore Sureware design working with ARRK Formations for SLAs and Sadler Associates fro 3D design
  • Metalwork - desk-top enclosures, pole/wall mounted enclosures, casing, screening, encapsulation, designing for stress & radiation - Radstone, Baltimore, MMS, BCN. Working with various metalwork suppliers and external design houses.
  • Security Tamper detection meshes - in polyimide and printed ink technology with Flexability and WL Gore Ltd
  • Keypads - contact and capacitive working Danielson Ltd.
  • Hi tech microvia PCBs, Build up boards, Flexible circuits for very high density build up board circuits
  • MCM technologies - hermetic and non hermetic using ceramic substates and polyimide woring with Dyconnics, Thomas Walters and GEC Marconi research
  • Thermal design - Radstone, BAe, MMS, Baltimore, BCN
  • Reliability and FEMCA (Space and Mil applications), by hand and using Relex Software