GDBMK - Offering Freelance Supplementary Electronics Engineering Skills

Often small to medium size companies release new product ranges infrequently and fail to retain internal resources with the knowledge of the changing approvals and evaluation requirements and with the breadth of skills required to resolve interactions.
This can result in companies being repeatedly bitten by unforeseen issues arising at the key integration, system accreditation or product evaluation stages typically between electronics, I/O, software, power subsystems and enclosure design. Companies may also require one-off design analysis for example to produce a life expectation figure or develop a maintainence or spares provision plan. A manager may mitigate a significant risk by commissioning a third party design review/analysis and report.
With broad, extensive, tried and tested design experience in taking Commercial, Military and Space products to market GDBMK can offer freelance assistance with:
  • Design consultancy, Design analysis, FMECA, Reliability, life, SPFs
  • Packaging, mechanics, thermal, RFI, MCMs, PCB technology
  • Project/Program Management
  • Offline Research, Risk Assessment, Recruitment Assistance


Specialist niche skill areas are also offered applicable to companies developing e-security, COMSEC, Infosec products.
Particular analysis, documentation and test methods are required for evaluation to meet ITSEC US standards (FIPS 140 or Common Criteria) and UK Government standards Baseline, Enhanced Grade and High Grade assessed by UK CESG as well as possible TEMPEST requirements. Also Security profiles, policies, requirements, Key Utilisation, Distribution and Management schemes. These can all be a significant and an onerous extra task for a development team and uncharted waters introducing schedule and costs risk.

CE Marking, BABT etc

Assistance can be provided in Equipment/OEM module accreditation and approvals to define categorsation and meet the requirements for CE Marking, EMC emissions and susceptibility, flammability, safety, low Voltage directive and telecoms standards.

This site is intended to give an prospective employer an understanding of available skills and previous experience of Graeme Bird the primary employee of GDBMK. However, over the years a network has been built up of trusted associates able to add support and other niche skills for example thermal design, mechanical stress, packaging PCB layout, assembly, 3D design etc.